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our concept:

What makes YOU tick???   What do YOU want to see???   What do YOU want to do???
Southern Queensland has an array of stunning natural attractions, and a great variety of ways
to see them. Let us create a safari that’s perfect for YOU.

Tours include simple day-safaris to all-inclusive week-long adventures. If you’re stuck for ideas simply choose from our suggested ‘ECO safaris’ page. With the flexibility a personalised safari offers and an array of options, we provide safaris for all ages and fitness levels from full-day hikes to winery tours.

For special extras, see our ‘options’ page.

With an in-depth knowledge of the region, we can help you decide exactly what’s perfect for you. If it takes an hour or more to plan – that’s a very small price for us to pay to ensure the trip of a life time.This may save you many hours of planning.

If time for you is limited, we can organise an itinerary in five minutes. If that’s too much, choose one of (or a combination of) our suggested itineraries.

With an excellent overall knowledge of both New South Wales and Queensland, we are also
able to arrange tours further afield around both states.
Put simply - your tour guide, Tim, is passionate about nature and his enthusiasm for it is infectious. The diversity of Australia’s flora and fauna has always interested Tim. He also has a keen interest in Australia’s cultural history including the 60,000 years of aboriginal habitation and the first pioneering European settlers.

Tim studied Environmental Science at the University of Queensland, majoring in Protected Area Management.  Along with learning about the natural environment, this is where he first gained a real interest in the aboriginal culture and deeply appreciates the way the aboriginal peoples care for the land.
Tim is a regular guy who has, amongst other things, worked as a Customs Officer in Brisbane and managed and taught in an English language school in Germany for four years. He has also lived in New Zealand, France and England, and travelled to over 40 countries. While travelling and living overseas, it was always hard for Tim to keep the enthusiasm of his homeland to himself. Now he gets to share Australia’s history and environment with you.
meet your guide:
our vehicle:
The Land Rover Discovery seems almost tailor made for private luxury safaris. It’s clever engineering allows second-to-none comfort throughout, including having the most spacious back row of all 4WDs.  With air conditioning and open views from every seat (including wonderful large windows in the back), it is the perfect choice for ECO Safaris Queensland. 

Whether cruising along a forested dirt road or making full use of the suspension climbing over the most rugged of terrain (you’ll enjoy working out the shock absorbers and coil springs), you’ll see why Land Rover has won every major international 4WD award in the past few years.
Our vehicle is maintained with no expense spared on your safety and comfort. With the highest safety standards, including air bags, just sit back and enjoy a safe trip. 
8am to 8pm Brisbane Time
+61 (0)7 3202 6555
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Private Luxury Day Tours
"The real act of discovery is not finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes"          Marcel Proust
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